Determined for dream to become reality

17:00, May 25 2014
Highfield School
ROOM FOR DEVELOPMENT: Highfield School will soon be home to a skate park. Among those working on the project are, from left, Jian Hernawan, 11, Lewis Mansfield, 12, Sophie Lyons, 11, and team leader Robyn Cooper.

Highfield School children are gearing up for more fun outside the classroom.

A group of children on the school's WAVE committee has been working on plans for a skate park to be built on the school's grounds.

The concept was born after a teacher suggested a walking track be added to the grounds. Further discussions led to the idea of a skate park and scooter track, team leader Robyn Cooper said.

Josh South, of WAVE, has been working with the school on the project and had been a great help, she said.

Cooper has estimated the park to cost $50,000. The school was now getting quotes for concrete and planning fundraising events.

A survey found 80 per cent of children at the school skate or scooter.


"Years ago the bike stand would have been full of bikes, but two years ago we had a wheel-a-thon to raise money for scooter racks."

Cooper said the pupils skate and scooter around the school hall, but it had become a safety concern because of taxis driving into the area to collect children.

It was not known exactly when the new skate area would be available for use, but concrete would be placed on the ground this year, she said.

There are 31 pupils on the school's WAVE committee trying to make their skate and scooter park dream a reality.

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