All the glitz of Monte Carlo

23:10, May 25 2014
opihi ball 2014
Head students and prefects from different South Canterbury high schools at the Opihi College ball.
opihi ball 2014
Bailey Dunnage, Mikaela Karton, Darian Walding and Kate Jacobs strut their stuff at the Opihi College Ball.
opihi ball 2014
Jordan Theyers and Emilia Hansen make a stunning couple as they step out from their vintage car.
opihi ball 2014
With their unusual mode of transport to the school ball, Olivia Hopkinson, Jess Loomes, and Erin Howey won points for creativity.
opihi ball 2014
Aaron Murray and Shawna Connell arrived at the Opihi College ball in style, distracting onlookers.
opihi ball 2014
Opihi College students, Wiremu Te Haate, Tea Prentice, Emily Scannell, Connor Prentice, Haze Poutai, Brooke Leonard, Megan Mulligan, Dale Wetere, Samantha Haley, Harley Twaddle, Emelia Livingstone take a break from the Opihi College ball.
opihi college ball
Chante Cooper and Luke Elsen, left, and Chantelle Walker and Meghan McNally shimmer and sparkle at the Opihi College school ball.

Opihi College senior students were transported to the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo for their school ball held Friday night.

Students arrived in a variety of different carriages from vintage cars to a Temuka Transport truck. Guests walked the red carpet before having a night of dancing and socialising inside the school hall. 

Students from year 11 to year 13, along with guests attended the ball.


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