Dog owner must pay $4000 for attack

00:25, May 29 2014
dog attack sheep
ATTACK: Waimate District Council animal control officer Tracy Robinson checks a field after two dogs kill 38 sheep in April.

The owner of two pitbull terriers that attacked a mob of 80 sheep in Waimate, killing half of them, has been ordered to pay reparation.

Waimate man Justin Gage, 34, appeared in front of Justices of the Peace in Timaru District Court today.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of owning a dog that attacked and killed stock in a Waimate paddock on April 12.

He was ordered to pay a fine of $400 and court costs on each charge, with an additional $3810 in reparation.

In order to stop the attack, one dog, Bronx, was shot at the scene, while the other dog, Stella, was handed over to authorities and euthanised.

Gage told the JPs it was an ''unfortunate accident''.


The Timaru Herald