Dogs' owner pays dearly for sheep

A Waimate man has been fined and ordered to pay nearly $4000 in reparation after his pitbull terriers savaged a flock of sheep.

Justin Gage, 34, a gib stopper, appeared before justices of the peace K Dey and J Johnson in the Timaru District Court yesterday.

The dogs savaged a flock of 80 sheep in a paddock leased at the Waimate Racecourse on April 12. Half the stock were killed.

Gage pleaded guilty to two charges of owning a dog that attacked and killed stock. He was fined $400 on each charge, with an additional $3810 in reparation to be paid to the owner of the sheep. The reparation covered the loss of the stock, vet bills and disposal of the dead animals.

The two pitbulls ripped the throats of 38 lambs and one ewe, killing them or injuring them to such an extent they had to be put down.

Fourteen others were also injured and, subsequently, two of those animals were also put down.

One dog was shot at the scene, while the other was handed over to authorities and put down.

The Timaru Herald