RSA plaque shift prompts hunt for donors

00:36, May 31 2014
RSA plaque
UNSPOKEN FOR: A plaque dedicated to the 8th Mounted Rifles Regiment rests at the local RSA where general manager Michelle Brown is trying to find the donors.

A plaque at the South Canterbury RSA reads "In memory of the horses of the 8th Regiment NZMR that died in the Great War 1914-18".

August 15 marks 100 years since the South Canterbury members of the regiment left the Timaru showgrounds at 11am to go to Lyttelton.

"Fifteen hundred men and women did not come home and only one horse returned," South Canterbury Returned and Services Association (RSA) general manager Michelle Brown said.

The plaque was dedicated to those horses and men and women. However, no mention was made of the people who donated the plaque.

The only reference to the plaque was in Roger, a South Canterbury RSA publication. Now, as part of the centennial commemoration of World War I, the plaque is to be relocated to an area where it will be more accessible to the public.

"We will be relocating the plaque, but we would really love the people responsible for donating the plaque to give us their blessing before we relocate it. What they did was a very kind gesture and we are very grateful for it. However, the public should be able to view it as well," Brown said.

Relocation of the plaque is one of the three projects being undertaken by a committee chaired by Brown.

"I am the chairwoman of the Timaru World War I commemorative committee and the plaque relocation is just one of the projects we have. We would like any other South Canterbury organisations commemorating WWI to get in touch with the committee, so the events can be co-ordinated."

The next committee meeting will be on June 11 at the RSA.


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