Principal pleased with school report

19:16, Jun 05 2014

Timaru Christian School is on the right track according to its latest Education Review Office (ERO) report.

ERO reviews a school on how well it is performing and highlights any needs for improvement.

Timaru Christians School's ERO report noted the primary school had provided a safe and secure environment for students, had a good working relationship with parents, and provided good to high quality teaching.

It had also made significant improvements since the previous ERO report.

However the report said the school needs to increase its acknowledgement of maori culture, and give students responsibility for their own learning.

Principal Bethany Rentoul said she was pleased with the report.


She viewed it as extremely positive and recommendations made to the school were already being worked towards.

"If you don't change and try and find better ways, you aren't growing," she said.

Rentoul said it was important the school increased the maori aspect of education within the learning environment.

"We have about 16 different cultures at a small school ... we think it's important for them to know about New Zealand's culture," she said.

It was Rentoul's first ERO report as principal.

ERO acknowledged the school's christian values were intertwined with the pupils' education in a seamless manner.

Rentoul considered it a rewarding report both teachers and parents could be proud of.

The Timaru Herald