Restructure could bring jobs

There could be several extra jobs at Timaru's port after the most recent restructuring.

It was announced on Wednesday that 16 jobs at PrimePort would be disestablished on the operational side of the business and new jobs would be created under Port of Tauranga (PoT). PoT owns the PrimePort container terminal.

PoT corporate services manager Sara Lunam said two companies operating under PoT had already formulated a plan for how much recruitment would be required.

She said Timaru Container Terminal Ltd would recruit two new permanent fulltime employees, while Quality Marshalling is planning to recruit 15 to 20 new employees.

She could not give the exact requirements for the Quality Marshalling jobs as the general manager was out of the country.

Timaru District Holdings Ltd owns 50 per cent of PrimePort.

Chairman Damon Odey said he was out of town and had not been briefed.

However, if that was correct it was good to hear.

Rail Marine Transport Union Timaru secretary for the port, Joshua Meyer said it was good to hear of the increase in new jobs but he was still frustrated by lack of communication.

PrimePort chief executive Jeremy Boys could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The Timaru Herald