Sausage sizzles on food law menu

17:00, Jun 06 2014
Sausage sizzles
HOT PROPERTY: Sausage sizzles will continue to be part of school fundraisers despite changes to legislation. Timaru Girls’ High School pupils, Sophie Elliott, Chantal Dorsey and Chresta Martin are among the many people celebrating the news.

Sausage sizzle fundraisers will remain on South Canterbury school agendas thanks to "common sense".

A food bill, which has been under development since 2003, has highlighted specific provisions, particularly for businesses, to ensure food safety. However, the legislation provides a clear exemption to allow some Kiwi traditions to continue, including fundraising sausage sizzles and home baking at school fairs.

Sacred Heart Primary School principal Dave Armstrong was pleased to hear the news yesterday. He applauded the announcement, which he described as common sense.

"The good old sausage sizzle is OK, occasionally," he said.

Sausage sizzles were among the many valuable fundraisers at the school. The sale of cheese rolls had also proved a great success over the years, he said.

"We need to raise a significant amount of money every year and every school I know of [is] in that [situation]."


Earlier this year the school raised $6000 from its cheese roll fundraiser. It also raised $1000 from a sausage sizzle last year.

Money raised goes towards computer equipment, reading resources and shade structures, among many other items. "A great range of things are supported . . . through fundraising because government funding is not enough."

Bluestone School principal Ian Poulter agreed it was common sense to allow schools to continue raising funds through sausage sizzles.

"I think it's great - I see common sense prevailing and schools able to carry on with what are good traditions, in an appropriate way.

"I think it's nice to see the laws are allowing for the good things in our communities [to continue]."

Bluestone School hosts an annual sausage sizzle, encouraging dads to visit the school with their children before going to work.

Timaru Girls' High School also hosts regular sausage sizzles in support of various groups.

Year 13 student Chresta Martin was among those who organised a sausage sizzle and bake sale for the recent 40 Hour Famine.

The girls hosted a similar fundraiser during their athletics day, with proceeds going to Relay for Life.

"It's really cool," Chresta said, after hearing fundraisers would remain. It's a good fundraising initiative and we raise lots of money for our organisations."

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