Slippery problem

01:24, Jun 09 2014

Trials to address slippery tiles in the Timaru central business district will be considered by the district services committee on Tuesday.

Slippery footpath paving tiles have been identified as a high priority issue for the Timaru District Council. The report for Tuesday's meeting describes the Timaru CBD as a community, business and visitor focal point.

It was important that a quality smart environment was maintained. The continued use of tiles was considered essential to achieve this.

The tiles cover about 9900 square metres.

Five options would be considered for increasing the slip resistance in the CBD.

According to the report it was important the solution be long-term.


The selection of a preferred option must be the "right" option, not the "cheapest" option.

The three most advantageous options were:

Coating tiles with a slip-reducing seal. It is a low-cost option. The disadvantage is it would need to be recoated every two years.

The second option is coating the tiles with an anti-slip coating. The advantages of this option are the utilisation of existing tiles and maintaining current design and image with minimal disruption to foot traffic. It will have a limited useful life with a new coating required every five years.

A third option is sand-blasting the existing tiles. The advantages of this option lie in the utilisation of existing tiles and minimum disruption to current image.

The disadvantage of this option would be some disruption from sand-blasting, with protection of shop frontages required.

The Timaru Herald