Herald starts day - for 102 years

05:06, Jun 10 2014
Gertrude Lester
LONG-TIME SUBSCRIBER: Gertrude Lester is a Timaru Herald loyalist, and proud of it.

Some things don't change at 262A Otipua Rd - like the fact that The Timaru Herald has been delivered there for 102 years.

Current resident Gertrude Lester said the paper has been received six days a week by her family for more than a century.

"Timaru Herald is my breakfast-time reading. We have never been a day without it," Mrs Lester said.

"We don't worry about the Otago daily or the Christchurch Press," she said.

She recalls a time 70 years ago when a man on a horse-drawn cart would come to the door to collect the money for the paper.

"On the 20th of every month a man on a horse and cart collected four shillings and fourpence. That's like 98 cents in today's world."


Mrs Lester is a great believer in the Herald's catchphrase "Miss a day - miss a lot".

She believes the paper has become smaller over time, but says that is because it has adapted to the times. "I think it is a very well-adapted paper as far as news goes. I like reading the Opinion page, but I could not tell you what my favourite section is."

She's also noted the recent change that has taken place in the way the paper is delivered.

"The boys that used to deliver by hand, come summer or winter, in all conditions, did a really good job," she said.

Mrs Lester will continue reading the paper as long as she can.

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