Sun to hide for a bit longer

FOGGY VEIL: Chalmers Church
FOGGY VEIL: Chalmers Church

It was a thick pea souper in Timaru over most of the weekend until the fog lifted to about 100 metres yesterday morning. Then it was just grey.

Visibility was down to 15 metres in some places at times, while Saturday's hockey games at the Southern Trust Events Centre saw the floodlights called into action.

MetService forecaster Richard Finnie said fog is basically cloud on the ground.

"If you see a cloud up a mountain and you climb the mountain and get to the height of the cloud then you are in the fog."

Fog was common at this time of the year with night time cooling, Finnie said.

This week is likely to see more low cloud.

"The chance of seeing sun is not good for the next few days as there is a moist easterly."

As well as dull days, Finnie said rain was also likely.

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