Call grows for public toilet at Burkes Pass

A petition signed by more than 200 people wanting a public toilet at the Burkes Pass Village will be presented to the Mackenzie District Council today.

Burkes Pass residents Julie Greig and Jan Zyzalo will speak at the council's annual plan hearing in support of the toilet.

They are asking for a single public toilet in or near the Burkes Pass Village, to encourage more tourism to the area.

As the popularity of the region grows, more people are looking for a "comfort stop" and initially approach the Three Creeks store and art gallery, run by the couple.

"When we first opened in late September 2013, we allowed visitors to use the gallery toilet for a donation," their submission said. For several months this continued until one day a queue of eight people were there, including two "drunken louts", a family with children and an elderly couple with walking sticks.

"[The queue] extended well into my work area in the gallery, making it impossible for me to concentrate and carry on making art. It felt like an unpleasant invasion, not what we are here for," Greig said.

Since then they had kept a log of people asking to use their toilet, "relieving themselves" on private property, and even asking to use motel guest toilets.

Attached to the written submission were photos of people leaving private property and a petition signed by about 220 visitors.

The Timaru Herald