Submitters get say

19:22, Jun 09 2014

Toilets, rates and water charges will be hot topics up for discussion at today's Mackenzie District Council's Annual Plan hearing.

The council received 13 submissions to the 2014-15 draft Annual Plan. Last year it received 21 submissions.

Five submitters are to speak this morning.

Among them will be a representative from the Mackenzie Rugby Football Club, which wants a reduction in its water charge, as the water is solely for the shower and kitchen use for the community.

Twizel resident Alasdair Chapman said the rates rise of 13.07 per cent for a mid-value house was unacceptable. Even an increase at the rate of inflation is "too high".

He also suggested tourism activities should be user-pays.


Owen Hunter, of Fairlie, also made a submission about rates for roading being amalgamated across the district with a general charge of $25.33, instead of the fixed $20.

Sport Canterbury in its submission congratulated the council on its support and asked for upkeep to the Tekapo play area and tennis court development, walkways and cycleways to continue.

It also requested continued support of the organisation with a grant of $5000 plus GST.

Also up for discussion is a request for a public toilet at Burkes Pass.

The Timaru Herald