From the archive: February 10, 1981

10:26, Jun 10 2014

Blisters around the mouth and feet of Temuka pigs on February 10, 1981 led to the property of John Dennis being quarantined - a quarantine that was later extended to much of South Canterbury.

Although only 28 pigs had shown symptoms, all 800 on the property were killed, burnt and buried by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries staff.

Stock movements through meat works were banned and butcher shops were forbidden to sell pork products.

Movements of animals in and out of the South Island were suspended.

A movement control zone was enforced for 50km around the farm, and in a 3km radius a "stand-still" area was decreed. The zones were gradually reduced until the final clearance was given on February 27.

It was later confirmed that the pigs had developed the blisters as a result of their diet.


The Timaru Herald