School continues with ski academy

22:04, Jun 09 2014

Geraldine High School is undertaking a ski academy for the second year.

Principal Juliette Hayes said the school had an ongoing relationship with Mt Dobson and decided to introduce the ski academy as part of the gateway programme.

She believed it would appeal to students planning on going into either the tourism or hospitality industry.

The course is one day a week when the mountain is open and a block course during the school holidays. When complete, the students will have a level one international ski instructor qualification.

"It's about $2000. It seems like a lot but it's not bad as that includes the year's ski pass, transport and accommodation for the block course," Hayes said.

She said it was 45 minutes from Geraldine to the base of the mountain so it seemed a symbiotic relationship. "We are also using it as part of our marketing for international students, especially to German students."


She said the region collaborated on marketing to international students as it could be hard to attract students who tended to want the big city experience.

"Having the mountains so accessible is a selling point."

Student Laura Saddler, 16, is in year 12 and has decided to do the ski academy this year because she wanted to be a snowboard instructor. "I always wanted to do something in sports and when this was offered last year I thought it would be cool to do," Laura said.

She has been snowboarding for five years and said she could do some grabs and 180s but was trying to be better.

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