Scout group for the young

20:13, Jun 10 2014
YOUNG KEAS: Leon Liu, 5, Taylor Fitzgerald, 5, Briar Taylor, 5, Sam Galbraith, 7, Kayden Scheepers, 7, Luke Rees, 6, and Than Crilly 7, are officially Keas. They're supervised by group leader Francie Spavin and Kea leader Trudy Taylor.

Keas have returned to Timaru.

The Kea Club was officially re-opened by the Te Rangi Scout Group on Monday.

To mark the opening, seven Keas, four boys and three girls, were invested at the Timaru den.

Keas are the youngest members of the Scout movement and consist of children aged 5 to 7 .

"It was a very special day for the little Keas. They are delightful little creatures. We have 17 Scouts, 17 Cubs and we re-started our Keas Club. It closed in 1990s and we opened it up again at the start of the term," group leader Francine Spavin said.

The Northdown Te Rangi Scout Group is the second oldest in New Zealand.


"Our group is starting to boom again and the Keas are back by popular demand. We had so many queries on Kids Day in March, so we had to bring the Kea Club back.

"We have three more Keas coming next term and if we get up to 12, we will need more Kea leaders," Spavin said.

The Keas will be celebrating their 35th birthday on September 28.

"It will be the entire upper South Island area - as a region we are gathering in Christchurch for the birthday. It will be huge."

The Timaru Herald