Food vendors draw complaints

Mobile food vendors operating at Aorangi Park are likely to be restricted to one area, with pedestrian safety being a key aspect.

The vendors have been operating from three different locations.

However, that has raised some concern with people needing to cross the carpark area to get to the various vendors.

Only one area was allocated for mobile vendors, with one operator adhering to that.

A new location at the northern end of the newest hockey turf has now been proposed.

The Timaru District Council's district services committee discussed the issue yesterday.

Council parks and recreation manager Bill Steans said the area had not been policed in recent times.

"We became aware there were issues with visibility and other things and set about changes to the way things are operated."

The owner of a nearby shop had also sought reassurance that the number of food vendors did not increase again, as it had in the past two years.

Steans said the council was taking a range of aspects into consideration, including the need for a flat area for the vendors to serve from.

Councillor Steve Wills was aware of about five or six complaints.

Mayor Damon Odey believed having the vendors operating from the same area was a good idea.

He also highlighted the possible need for an extra pedestrian crossing and a power supply for the vendors.

Councillor Steve Earnshaw agreed.

"Bringing them into one location makes sense. I think then, as a council, we need to go about putting in the necessary infrastructure."

He suggested the council foot some of that bill, along with the various sporting codes.

The committee will now look at the suitability of the proposed new site and possible power availability. It will also investigate what safety measures will need to go into place, including a new pedestrian crossing.

The Timaru Herald