Family has long history with Herald

21:39, Jun 11 2014
timaru herald paper noel murray
PAPER TRAIL: Noel Murray and his family have clocked up 70 years providing services to The Timaru Herald. Murray was both an employee of and a contractor for the paper.

Involvement with The Timaru Herald has been a long-running family affair for Noel Murray.

"Between Dad, Mum and myself, we've been working with The Timaru Herald for 70-odd years," Murray said.

Murray was one of the longest-serving contractors responsible for delivery of the Herald, and he has worked for the paper as both a waged employee and a contractor.

"I was with The Timaru Herald for 12 years as a waged employee and then I became a contractor and worked there for 25 years."

His father worked with the paper as a contractor for 23 years and his mother worked in the cafeteria in the first Herald building for more than eight years.

Murray continues to work as a contractor because the lifestyle suits him, though no longer for the Herald. "It's the freedom that I like. No boss looking over your shoulder, out there by myself, doing my own thing," he said.


He reckons paper delivery has changed since the time he started, but not a lot. "We used to wrap and deliver papers in the old days and now they come wrapped up from Christchurch. It is all hi-tech stuff now."

He said some things get better with time. "My aim is pretty good and the guys doing it now are getting better and better."

In all the years he worked as a contractor, he never missed a day.

"In 2006, when the storm hit and it snowed heavily, we got the help of people with four-wheel-drives. You could not even get out of the driveway."

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