Just one thing missing from ice rink

02:14, Jun 16 2014
john corcoran
NOT QUITE COLD ENOUGH: Burkes Pass resident John Corcoran in front of the revived ice skating rink.

Burkes Pass residents are waiting for a frost in order to get a restored ice rink ready for use.

Hidden away in a deep gully surrounded by pine trees, the rink has been in use since the 1800s, but has fallen into disrepair, the chairwoman of the Burkes Pass Heritage Trust, Jane Batchelor, said.

Two years ago, the group began a restoration programme.

Originally a natural rink, it was reworked and shaped in the 1960s and revived in the 1990s for the local community.

Batchelor said the rink was a work in progress and so far trees and grass around it have been cut back and a fence erected. It has been filled with water and fingers are crossed it will freeze.

Although in past incarnations of the rink it was open to the public and proved popular, access difficulties mean it will mainly be for the locals.

Batchelor said it was a great historical asset.

While they wait for a frost, she said the trust was looking for ice skates, curling stones, or any sort of recreational ice equipment people might have lying around.

"If they aren't using them, we would be delighted to give them a new home. For non-skaters, we thought curling is quite a thing in the high country," she said.


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