Burglaries prompt appeal in Temuka

Temuka police are looking for those responsible for a spate of burglaries in the area.

Temuka Constable Richard Pattie said there had been three separate burglaries, about two weeks between each, where houses have been entered and ransacked.

In the first incident, food was taken from the pantry and freezer, along with accompanying condiments.

The second involved a wallet, a silver wrist watch with engravings, and a gold ring engraved with a knight and sword.

The third house burgled belonged to an elderly man who was overseas. Alcohol and about $500 worth of $2 coins in a jar were taken. New gold watches given to the owner as a retirement gift were also taken.

Pattie said in the first and last burglaries every drawer and room had been ransacked, although not a lot was taken.

He said police suspect the culprits were young people, possibly visiting the area, as they were limited to the weekend and two to three weeks apart.

Police are working on forensics but are asking if anyone had seen their child or teen with a large quantity of $2 coins and new watches with no explanation as to how they got them, or recently had a barbecue, to contact the police.

The Timaru Herald