Man tried to pawn stolen jewellery

Jewellery has been the downfall of one man who targeted a Timaru shop.

Brent Walters appeared in the Timaru District Court yesterday on one charge of theft, before Judge Jane Farish.

The court heard how Walters had visited Michael Hill Jewellers, asking the shop assistant if he could look at a range of gold necklaces.

When the shop assistant was not looking, he put two necklaces, with a combined value of $7650, in his jacket pocket and walked out of the shop.

He then tried to pawn them for more than $7000.

Walters' crime was discovered and the necklaces were returned to the shop.

Judge Farish told Walters his crime was a "stupid thing to do". "Don't be tempted again."

She ordered him to pay $500 reparation to the pawn shop and to complete 100 hours' of community work.

The Timaru Herald