'Stupid' ride proves costly

A late night motorbike ride around Timaru without headlights or a helmet, while intoxicated, has cost a teenager money and his licence.

Ethan David Blaikie, 18, a student, pleaded guilty in the Timaru District Court yesterday to a charge of EBA after he blew 356mcg. The limit for anyone under the age of 20 is zero.

Police prosecutor Greg Sutherland said Blaikie was stopped by police while riding the small motorbike in Grey Rd. He was initially stopped for not having headlights on, or a helmet.

Judge Jane Farish told Blaikie she took it he thought his behaviour was "just a bit of fun".

"Yes, it was stupid," he replied.

"It was expensive - stupid," she said.

He was disqualified for three months and fined $100.

The Timaru Herald