Geraldine Primary principal to step down

20:08, Jun 18 2014
lindsay robertson
CHANGE OF SCENERY: Lindsay Robertson is retiring from Geraldine Primary School after 38 years in education.

The end of the term will bring about a changing of the guard at Geraldine Primary School.

Principal Lindsay Robertson is retiring after 38 years.

"I still love the job and the people, but it's time," he said.

He does not yet have a long term plan but is looking forward to a break.

"To be honest I am going to do some painting and I might do some mentoring. For those people who need to have someone to talk to about their future," he said.

Robertson had no doubt his wife, who works fulltime, will be looking forward to having the washing done and meals made for her return home at the end of the day.


"I will be the house husband. The only thing I don't do is the ironing," he said.

Robertson has been a principal for the majority of his career in education.

"All but six years of that," he said.

During his time he has seen and experienced "huge changes".

He started before boards of trustees were introduced in 1989 and was part of the Education Review Office's decision for all school principals to reapply for their jobs in 2004.

"I lost my job and then I regained it back again," he said.

For him the outstanding part of his career had been the people.

"The relationships you have with the parents, the board of trustees, the students and the community is really important," Robertson said.

"We have been lucky with the people here."

He said he would not miss the bureaucracy that surrounded education.

Meanwhile, he was concerned the "Investing in Educational Success" programme being rolled out by the Government had no merit. The programme ranks teachers and principals and their "effectiveness" within a classroom by results of pupils.

"Show me the studies that show it works. There are none. It's not got anything to do with improving children's learning.

"That's what is important."

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