Bookstore opens fresh new chapter

19:13, Jun 19 2014
rob mcbeath
FRESH PAGE: Rob McBeath moves in to his Ribble St bookstore.

Shifting 10,000 books to a new premises has been more than worth it for an Oamaru bookstore owner.

Rob McBeath, who owns Almost All New Zealand Books, recently relocated from the Tees St store he had been renting for fours years to a building on Ribble St.

McBeath says the owners of the Tees St building decided not to renew his lease, resulting in the move.

"The new building is a lot better, it's slightly bigger and it's brighter."

Four walls had to be removed to house shelving for the thousands of books, while McBeath plans to add additional lighting in some areas.

When asked if his business would see a decline in customers given its location away from Oamaru's major tourist hub, McBeath says he didn't think it would be a major issue.

"I'm probably going to miss a bit of business from tourists, but I mostly sell to locals."

McBeath thanked Wayne Croft, John Dunstan and Evelyn Munroe for their efforts in helping him relocate, an effort which took several days of hard work.

McBeath says it's "exciting" to be in the new store, which opened for business yesterday.


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