Interest in narcotics anonymous

22:17, Jun 23 2014

Timaru's first narcotics anonymous programme has attracted eight people.

The programme, Naranon, which stands for National Addictions Recovery Anonymous, started this week to help people living with, or who have grown up with, addiction. Family members and those who are directly affected by narcotics are supported by the programme, addictions case worker Glen Smith said.

"We had a good nucleus to start it and keep it going," he said.

People who could not attend the first meeting have expressed their interest in attending future gatherings. Among those who attended this week's session were those who had problems with family members and were "lost as to what to do".

"They were frustrated, had had enough - realised they had to change their own attitude," Smith said.

"All the people that were there had had some trauma around addiction."

Smith said some of those people had grown up in families where there had been an addict or an alcoholic. Others had grown up with "unbalanced views" on life in general because of addiction.

"There were a couple of people there that just wanted to learn too."

The group meets every Wednesday at 7pm at 287 Otipua Rd. For more information contact Glen Smith on 027 704 9976.


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