Residents' rates to go up by 3.7pc

Waimate district residents face a rates rise of slightly more than 3.7 per cent from the start of next month.

After considering submissions on council's 2014-15 Draft Annual Plan, which went out for public consultation on February 27, councillors settled on a 3.72 per cent rate increase after revising the annual plan.

A total of 243 submissions were received on the plan.

Council's total rates collection for the 2014-15 financial year will be just over $9.723 million, with general and civic amenities rates making up $6.14m, targeted services $3.452m, and targeted community rates just over $131,240.

The largest chunk of rates to be collected, $1.199m, has been set aside to maintain rural water schemes, while $511,730 goes towards sewerage scheme maintenance and $760,000 towards urban water schemes.

Refuse collection makes up just over $443,000 of the total rates collection, while more than $318,000 has been set aside for recycling solid waste.

Just over $213,000 has been allocated to Downlands rural water supplies and $5000 for the St Andrews sewer system.

Targeted community rates include $88,000 for the Waimate Stadium and more than $50,000 for the district's 18 community halls.

Council adopted the 2014-15 Draft Annual Plan at its meeting on Wednesday.

The Timaru Herald