Gigatown video competition

18:56, Jun 25 2014
gigatown hashtag
HASHING IT UP: Three hundred Bluestone School students form a hashtag for a Gigatown video competition.

Three hundred Bluestone School students showed off their tech-savvy attitude when they took part in a Gigaschool video competition as part of the Gigatown contest.

The students assembled to form a hashtag and held up their iPads and iPhones for everyone to see.

The top five towns in the Gigatown competition go through to the finals and Timaru is in fifth place at present, according to the business services manager at  Aoraki Development, Business and Tourism, Sam Callander.

Gigatown is a promotional competition led by fibre-optic provider Chorus. The winning town will receive broadband speeds of up to one gigabit per second – about 10 times faster than the recent ultrafast broadband rollout offers. 



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