Meal deliveries need more helpers

18:55, Jun 27 2014
Meals on Wheels
HELPING HAND: Elaine Wyllie, left, and Marilyn Wyllie prepare to deliver Meals on Wheels throughout South Canterbury. The service needs more people like the Wyllies to ensure the deliveries can continue.

More drivers are needed to help deliver Meals on Wheels in South Canterbury.

Six drivers are needed for the Timaru service each day, two in Temuka, one in Pleasant Point and one in Geraldine.

While there are already people doing their bit for the service, more are needed to ensure the deliveries can continue.

South Canterbury District Health Board chief executive Nigel Trainor said there was often a need for more volunteers because some moved into paid positions.

"On average about 60 to 90 [meals] a day [are delivered], but it varies each week as some are only with us short-term, [perhaps] just out of hospital or after surgery," Trainor said.

The meals are delivered to people in independent retirement villages and private homes. They receive midday meals consisting of a hot main course and a chilled pudding.

"Each volunteer drives their own car and some have a helper to run the meals in for them. The driver will get paid 50 cents per meal to cover some expenses but most credit this on their charities," Trainor said.

Anyone interested in helping those in need to receive good nutrition, stay in their homes and receive visits from someone each day are encouraged to volunteer.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the service can contact Janine Jurasovich on 687 2330.


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