Standing by women with cancer

22:34, Jun 29 2014
CREATIVE HEAD COVER: Members of the Timaru Woodturners Club Derek Taylor, left, Gavin Sapwell, Eddie White with South Canterbury's Cancer Society manager, Gabrielle Hall, put their creative heads together to make wig stands to donate to the Society.

Bottles and jars serve a purpose, as do wigs, and the two shall no longer meet, thanks to the Timaru Woodturners Club.

Wig stands for women with cancer were presented to the Cancer Society in Timaru, ending the practice of storing them in rough-and-ready containers.

The stands were handcrafted by the woodturners and 13 of them were presented to the society's South Canterbury manager, Gabrielle Hall, yesterday to distribute to women who require them.

"This happens all around the country, although the initiative was started in Wellington, and then someone over here had a relation in the Woodturners Club and they asked for one. It is really great for the women who get them. They used to use jars and bottles for their wigs, but the stands are much better and more attractive," Hall said.

Christchurch business Hair Therapy comes down to Timaru about five times a year to fit wigs for women who have lost their hair, she explained. Club president Gavin Sapwell said the club had been making the stands for five years.

"The wig stands go to the women who need them, and we like being able to do it. We have a project every month and the members get together and work on it and this was our project for this month," Sapwell said.

A stand can take anywhere between a couple of hours and a couple of days to make, depending on the competency levels and experience of the person making it, he said.


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