Sections scheme opposed

19:38, Jun 29 2014
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RURAL OUTLOOK: Quarry Rd resident Pam Mains was one of 20 to submit to council opposing the proposed McKnight subdivision, saying it would ruin their rural views.

A proposed 35-section subdivision on the outskirts of Timaru has attracted 20 submissions, all of them opposed to it.

Most submitters believed the development would ruin their views and decrease the value of their properties.

The development is situated south of the Scenic Reserve behind School Park.

Chris McKnight has applied to the Timaru District Council for land he has owned for 20 years to be rezoned to create 35 sections in a rural-residential subdivision.

The area is zoned as Rural 1 which limited the size and number of rural allotments.

Timaru resident Barbara Mackay opposed the subdivision, based on it ruining her "rural experience".


"A considerable amount of money has been spent altering our home to make the most of the rural views," MacKay said in her submission.

"The value of our property will depreciate with the loss of these views."

Clive Simon was concerned as he currently had three neighbours. He said with the proposed new subdivision this would increase to 38.

Simon believed the increased traffic would have to turn around in his property because there was nowhere else allowed for.

"This is undesirable," he said.

Catherine Gilbert was the only submitter to hint at leeway for the development to continue.

She said in its present form she was opposed to it but specified changes which she would be satisfied with.

"I wish to have the provisions amended to include a two way bridge rather than a single lane one to stop traffic building up and having to wait to cross," Gilbert said.

A date has not yet been set for the hearing.

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