Animal rescue part of the job

20:02, Jun 29 2014

Rescuing a cat stuck up a tree is all part of the job for Timaru's Fire Service.

They were spared one rescue yesterday when a Tekapo St moggy was coaxed down by its owners before they arrived.

Senior station officer Garry Parker said often a cat would go higher up a tree when faced with a rescue team but mostly the wily feline got down from the tree by itself, according to Parker.

"Well you don't see cat skeletons in trees, do you?"

It wasn't just cats up trees that kept the service busy, he said.

In the past he had attended rescues for dogs stuck in holes and once a dog, who had been chasing a rabbit, got stuck in a Cambridge roller used to crush grass on a paddock. Some of his colleagues had also helped free horses from bogs.


The Timaru Herald