Rest home lockdown ends

02:20, Jun 30 2014

Strathallan Lifecare is no longer in lockdown after a possible norovirus outbreak.

The rest home, which was in lockdown for almost a week, is now open to the public, although some parts remain closed to visitors.

The general manager at Strathallan Lifecare, Debbie McMaster, said the rest home was following best practice to contain the infection.

''We are ... following all infection control protocols. Because of the size of our facility, currently some areas remain in lockdown. We are minimising the risk of the virus spreading both in-house and in the community.''

All visitors are advised to stay away from the rest home if they have been in contact with infectious diseases.

''We want people to be mindful of the risks they present and stay away until they have been symptom free for at least 48 hours.''

Signs have been posted advising visitors of the areas they should stay away from on the rest home grounds.

Rest homes are provided with guidelines covering a range of control precautions such as hand hygiene, washing and cleaning, patient movement, isolation and visitor control.

Last week three sites, Margaret Wilson Rest Home, Strathallan Lifecare and Timaru Hospital, were affected with possible outbreaks.


The Timaru Herald