Complex job to change this lightbulb

17:00, Jun 30 2014
Council contractor Stan Moore
BEAM ME UP: Council contractor Stan Moore spent yesterday morning in his crane replacing the lightbulb in the Light of Remembrance, which had gone out.

Timaru's Light of Remembrance is shining again.

The 400-watt bulb in the light on top of the clocktower on the Timaru District Council building went out last week, and was replaced yesterday morning.

It was no simple matter, with a crane and road closure required.

Council property manager Matt Ambler said the bulb was replaced every two to three years when it went out.

In the past it had been done from the inside, by lowering the pole, however alterations meant that was no longer possible.

Ambler said the crane was the safest way of changing the bulb and had been used the last time the bulb went out.

The light is meant to shine at all times as an act of remembrance to those who have died in wars.

Although he could not say how much the job cost, he said economics was not a factor.

"We just get on and do it. It's meant to be going at all times."


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