Postal confusion stumps resident

19:58, Jul 01 2014
grant keeley
SUBURB CONFUSION: Selwyn St resident Grant Keeley isn't sure where he lives.

Selwyn St resident Grant Keeley has always considered himself a resident of Waimataitai. Now he's discovered he's living in Maori Hill.

Keeley, who has lived in Selwyn St since 1973, approached The Timaru Herald last week after he visited the Timaru District Council to resolve the question of where he lived.

"They didn't seem to know either and suggested New Zealand Post would know."

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NZ Post Addressing Services manager Geoff Pearce said it obtained locality boundaries from the New Zealand Fire Service.

"These are not official boundaries, they are merely boundaries drawn to assist with address identification ... The locality boundaries that we have sourced from the NZ Fire Service since 2005 have the southern end of Selwyn St in Maori Hill and the northern end in Waimataitai. The boundary between the two suburbs is subjective."

Keeley said the other issue he now had was that his mail was sometimes delivered to Maori Hill in Dunedin.


Pearce said they would need more information to answer that issue.

"Certainly using a postcode will ensure mail is sorted correctly. It's easy to check addresses using the address and postcode finder on our website,"

South Canterbury's Real Estate Institute New Zealand (REINZ) district forum leader Warwick Jones said from his perspective there was no "perceivable difference" between living in Maori Hill or Waimataitai.

"Someone may dispute me on that, but I have no anecdotal evidence to prove one is more popular than the other."

Waimataitai School acting principal Brent Rees said the school uses both Maori Hill and Waimataitai in its correspondence.

Local book The Streets of Timaru contains a 1913 subdivision plan showing Maori Hill.

"There it was, it's been there all along," Keeley said on viewing the book.

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