'Indestructible' light set to flood market

02:41, Jul 02 2014
grant jenkins
FLASH LIGHT: Grant Jenkins with a new LED light that is supposed to be unbreakable.

A lightbulb moment has led Timaru businessman Grant Jenkins into manufacturing floodlights which will be sold nationwide.

About two years ago Jenkins noticed how many floodlights his decorating business was going through.

"We noticed every month we were going through three to five floodlights and a box of lightbulbs, which creates downtime. I teamed up with Ping Lim, who had contacts with a factory in China."

Jenkins started thinking about what sort of floodlight would best suit his business and designed a waterproof and shockproof LED lightbulb, with an interchangeable battery system, and thus the Grizzlylight was born.

"We now have a patent in Australia and are patent pending in New Zealand. The first container arrived on Monday and all the stock is already sold," Jenkins said.

"We went to a trade fair in Dunedin on Saturday with 80 and sold 91 in the first hour-and-a-half."


Placemakers and Wattyl have agree to stock the lights nationwide and negotiations are underway with other suppliers, with further shipments already booked.

"I want it to be the go-to light for tradies. It has been stressful but I have learnt a lot."

Pricewise they were competitive, he said.

"When pricing them I worked backwards and thought about how much I would be prepared to pay."

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