Gaming profits '100pc local'

19:41, Jul 02 2014

Trust Aoraki is calling for more South Canterbury gaming machines to contribute to keep gambling profits local.

The trust has released the grants it distributed in the past year, with $1.2 million going to charities of the $2.9m income generated.

Two grants of $50,000 went to the Canterbury Cricket Trust.

Aoraki Trust principal officer Murray Roberts said the trust had one contributing venue in Christchurch.

"It is a large site, it has 18 machines, the maximum you can have now is nine machines.

"We have recently taken on a few more sites. One hundred per cent of available grant funds are distributed into the areas where there are contributing gaming venues.


"We are the only ones that are 100 per cent local and we just wish other [venues] would support us. The other key trusts in the region are the Southern Trust and Pub Charities. They don't have the same philosophy as us and it is hard to determine how much they actually put back into the community. New legislation coming in will mean they have to put 80 per cent back into the community it came from."

At the end of the March 2014 financial year, Trust Aoraki had one site in the Christchurch area, one in Mid-Canterbury and seven in the Aoraki region.

"Trust Aoraki returned 40.94 per cent to local communities in the most recent financial year, more than its regulatory minimum requirement of 37.12 per cent."

Government levies, fees, GST and duties came in at 38 per cent, equating to $1.1m; and venue rental costs were 16 per cent, at $464,000. Trust Aoraki operational costs were 5 per cent, $145,000.

Aoraki also paid out $15,000 to CBay's learn to swim programme and $220,000 to CBay, to which Trust Aoraki has naming rights.

"In regards to naming rights for CBay, this was offered by the TDC [Timaru District Council] in recognition of the significant supporting grants made by Trust Aoraki.

"The ‘Learn to Swim' programme is separate from the above and our grant here is based upon Trust Aoraki's philosophies of supporting excellence and participation. There are large numbers of school children benefiting from this programme locally," Roberts said.

The Timaru Herald