Book busters rip into wreck-it game

21:47, Jul 03 2014
mafoa siale
CREATIVE DESTRUCTION: Mountainview High School year 11 student Mafoa Siale and her page in the "wreck it journal", a project the school is competing in.

Drop it, rip it, lick it, even spill coffee on it.

Kids at Mountainview High School are being asked to wreck a library book.

The school is one of 50 schools nationwide competing in the "wreck this journal" challenge.

Each page of the journal comes with random instructions, including "cover this page in fruit stickers" and "climb up high and drop the journal", which are then up to the reader to interpret, librarian Julie James said.

Students sign up to wreck one page of the journal, and so far James said the children are loving it.

"The librarian hands them a book and says rip it up, spill coffee on it, do what you want; they love it."


Year 11 student Mafoa Siale chose a page with the instruction to cover the page with hair.

She decided to do a scene from Rapunzel, using hair cut from magazines, which took her two days to complete.

She said she wanted to be a part of the project so she could make the page her own way and wants to do another one if she is allowed.

Once the journal is fully wrecked, it is sent to the judges at Penguin publishers and the school library could be in to win $500 worth of books.

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