Beautiful blokes primp for pageant

04:08, Aug 18 2014
nail polish
NAILED IT: A participant in the Waitaki Valley Friends of the School beauty pageant gets his nails done in the lead up to a Kurow men's pageant.

A beauty pageant with a bit of a difference is set to take place in Kurow next month to raise funds for the refurbishment of Kurow Community Library.

Instead of the traditional format featuring women glamming themselves up, it will be eight brave blokes donning the evening gowns and make-up instead.

The fundraiser, being held on August 2 at the Kurow Memorial Hall, is being organised by the Waitaki Valley Friends of the School Committee and secretary Odelle Hawkins is looking forward to seeing them in action.

''What a great winter tonic it will be to come and see eight local men trying not to embarrass themselves when they get in touch with their feminine side.''

She says each contestant will appear in three outfits; one for a talent performance, another for their business sponsor and in evening wear.

Awards will be handed out in three sections: People's choice, Miss Congeniality and Miss Waitaki Valley 2014.


Hawkins says it's obviously a huge step out of their comfort zone for those taking part in the pageant, however she says she had little trouble in signing them up.

''They were all very supportive ... we didn't have any problems. They have been dedicating one night a week for the last 10 weeks working on and rehearsing dance moves.''

Tutoring the men are Kurow-based professional dance teachers Mike Birnie and Madeline Biberste who will also perform on the night, along with local band Chantilly.

''The men have adopted stage names to protect their identities and are individually sponsored by local businesses.''

Some of the names dreamed up are pretty creative. Amanda Reckonwith, Helga McFly, Glenda Bender, Madam Fullbody, Cindy Hotdog, Vaitress Ontap, Ivana Humpalot and Sheneeda Digga are all confirmed for the pageant.

Hawkins says the judges will also be ''incognito'', while the MC for the evening will be Jim Hopkins.

Tickets are on sale at Waitaki Valley School for $45 (adults only).

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