No business, no meeting

19:56, Jul 08 2014

A lack of agenda items meant the Pleasant Point Community Board meeting was cancelled last night.

The Timaru District Council has a policy of only cancelling meetings when there are insufficient items to warrant the cost of holding the meeting.

This is done in consultation with the chairman, a council spokesperson said.

Pressing day-to-day issues such as potholes, leaking water mains and the like could be dealt with straight away through council's service request system, calling in to the service centres or phoning council directly.

Ratepayers were encouraged to take that direct action rather than waiting six weeks for a community board meeting to raise such issues.

Other issues could be dealt with by talking to a board member.

Community board meetings focus more on policy and governance issues.

It was the first time a Pleasant Point board meeting had been cancelled this year. In May, the Temuka Community Board meeting was cancelled.


The Timaru Herald