Test delay 'nothing to do with changes'

20:22, Jul 08 2014

Proposed changes to community microbiology laboratory work in Timaru are still to take place.

A story in The Timaru Herald last week highlighted issues a patient had receiving tests back from the Christchurch laboratory, which he believed were a result of the proposed changes.

Southern Community Laboratories and Medlab South chief executive Peter Gootjes confirmed the blood sample was sent to the regional reference laboratory based at Christchurch Hospital, and should have been completed and reported within seven to 10 days.

"In fact the test was reported within two weeks but there was an administrative issue around identification so that the result was not easily found in the hospital database.

"This has been discussed with the patient and the process to be followed at the laboratory has been improved.

"We have apologised to the patient for the delay he experienced with this test result."

However, Gootjes said the test delay had nothing to do with the proposed changes.

"These changes have not yet been implemented and the sample involved was a blood test to go to the reference laboratory, not a community microbiology sample going to our own laboratory in Christchurch."


The Timaru Herald