Hoons spin wheels on grassed area

19:00, Jul 08 2014
timaru tsunami sign
DIRTY DEED: A tsunami warning sign at Patiti Point has been wiped with mud by hooligans.

Hooligans made their mark on Patiti Point overnight on Monday.

They tore up the grass doing burnouts and the tsunami warning sign was covered in mud.

Timaru District Council Parks and Recreation manager Bill Steans said the behaviour was more annoying than anything else.

"Depends on the situation. The grass may recover all by itself, but it may not," he said.

Steans said there was a possibility costs could be recovered if those responsible were found.

The costs involved for replanting could be around $100 to $500, he said.


Steans said if anyone saw or heard the incident, they should call the police.

"Unfortunately, people do burnouts."

Timaru Police Sergeant Geoff McCrostie said such incidents happen reasonably frequently and unless witnesses came forward, it was hard to find out who the culprits were.

Had they been caught in the act, there were several actions the police could have taken, he said.

That included charging the perpetrators with intention to damage, careless driving or with sustained loss of traction.

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