Sliding to glory

20:36, Jul 08 2014
finley andrews
SPEEDY SPLASH: Finley Andrews, 10, shows off his speed in CBay's school holiday hydroslide competition.

A top-speed hydroslide competition splashes into CBay these school holidays.

Seemingly a fun way to keep kids out of trouble during their two weeks away from school, it is more than just fun and games, with a leaderboard displaying the fastest runs.

Participant Henry Bissit, 12, was quick to share his technique.

"Using your whole entire body slows you down," he said.

Merely sliding on one's back would not be enough to win either. The best way is to arch the back so only the shoulder blades and heels touch the slide, he said.

CBay aquatic team leader James Richmond, along with the marketing team, came up with the idea as 'a bit of banter' for the busy holiday period. This is the first time the competition has been run, and so far, so good.


Richmond said the event had attracted a wide range of kids, with the fastest time so far being 18.26 seconds.

He pointed out an important factor - size. There is no upper age limit to the 10 year and over category and it had drawn in teenagers up to 16 years old.

"The big boys go pretty bloody quick," he said.

The competition will continue to run from 1pm to 2pm every day until Sunday, July 20.

The timer starts when you grab the ring at the top of the slide and stops when you place it in the bucket at the bottom. The prize for the fastest time at the end of the competition: an iPod Nano.

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