Bit of a sticking point on snail study

20:00, Jul 09 2014
timaru snail cameron winter science
CRAWLING AWAY: Cameron Winter, 11, is desperately looking for snails for a school science project, but there is a hitch.

A snail search across South Canterbury is on.

Waihi School pupil Cameron Winter, 11, was tasked with conducting an experiment over the school holidays to present at the beginning of the third term.

Cameron came up with the idea of measuring the adhesive quality of snails.

However, Cameron's mother, Lisa Bromley, said there was a massive hitch neither of them had anticipated.

"Snails hibernate over the winter months," Bromley said.

They have been searching far and wide and so far turned up only one snail. "It was frozen solid. A snail ice-pop," she said.


Bromley has even called the only edible snail farm in New Zealand - Silver Trail Snails. "They didn't have any either."

She said students were not supposed to change their experiment idea.

Bromley has emailed the teacher, asking if it would be possible to change the subject, but until then the search for snails will continue.

"Hopefully we don't have to cheat."

Cameron had searched his mother's garden for "quite a long time". He chose snails for his science experiment as he thought they were quite interesting.

"I just like them actually."

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