Black ice a hidden danger

01:53, Jul 12 2014

Black ice is making driving treacherous in North Otago.

Omarama police had attended two crashes by mid-morning yesterday, both caused by drivers losing control on black ice, Constable Nayland Smith said.

The first crash happened on the Omarama Twizel Rd at 6.30am when a van slid off the road. The driver, a woman, was the sole occupant.

"She got out of the vehicle and then a truck and trailer [unit] slid on black ice as well [hitting the van]."

Smith said the van was severely damaged, but the truck managed to carry on to report the incident. There were no injuries.

The second crash also involved a van, which was transporting students from Waitaki Boys' and Girls' high schools. There were seven students and two adults in the van. No-one was injured.


The crash happened on Prohibition Rd.

"Again, they were caught out on the black ice and ... rolled," Smith said. "They were all okay. They were pretty lucky actually, that no-one was badly hurt."

Smith urged motorists to drive to the conditions and to be aware of their surroundings.

"Be careful in those shaded areas when there's been a frost," he said.

No charges have been laid in either incident.

Contractors spent yesterday morning laying grit in areas that had proved hazardous.

The Timaru Herald