Icy madness all in a good cause

21:03, Jul 13 2014
Angela Gillespie
ICE BATH: Timaru woman Angela Gillespie throws a bucket of ice water over herself in Tekapo, before jumping into the lake to complete the ice challenge. She was nominated by friend Melissa Still.

Buckets of ice cold water are being tipped over the heads of South Canterbury people to raise money for cancer.

The Child Cancer Foundation, through the Facebook fundraising page Give A Little, has started a viral social media campaign called the Ice Challenge.

The ice water replicates the feeling of someone receiving chemotherapy.

People are either filmed having four buckets of ice-water tipped on them after being nominated by friends on social media, or donate $100 to Child Cancer.

Timaru woman Kristal McGill has completed it.

Initially she was going to have 10 people donate $10 so she did not have to complete the challenge.


"Then I checked out the page and saw pictures of young children with too many beads around their necks. Representing each procedure, treatment or otherwise they have had to endure because of this disease. It very quickly pulled me back into reality," she said.

McGill, armed with "priorities in check", prepared to raise money.

"A number of friends had already contacted me and asked (begged) that I not nominate them. So I had the trump card so to speak.

"Facebook is such a public forum. It could almost be considered blackmail what I did. But it worked."

She had five live donations connected to the challenge.

Melissa Still was another Timaru woman who completed the challenge last week. Still is different to McGill in that she has had cancer.

"It wasn't one of those tragic sad stories like so many others. I recovered," she said.

Still said it was a great excuse to give money to a great charity and also something fun to do on a Thursday night.

"What else would I be doing? Sitting around watching television?"

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