Super Power baby book party planned

17:00, Jul 15 2014
Sam Callander
PROUD PARENT: Timaru man Sam Callander with the book he and his wife Rachel produced to change the way people view life.

The countdown to the big reveal of The Super Power Baby Project book is on.

The book by Sam and Rachel Callander, inspired by daughter Evie Amore, is trying to change the way people think.

Evie had partial trisomy 9q, a congenital disorder that unbalances a person's chromosomes and causes severe developmental and physical delays.

She was one of only eight known cases in the world and died in 2010.

People would always ask the couple "what's wrong with your daughter".

The Callander's decided to turn it into a positive conversation and discuss Evie's super-powers instead of her perceived defects.


"People keep looking for these attributes like getting a great job, looking perfect.

"[They are] trying to be perfect but we are trying to get people to look at life differently, look for what's important like kindness," he said.

Sam said his super-power was plan-making skills.

Rachel's is being able to sleep anywhere.

Sam has been as much a key player in the project.

But as wife Rachel was the photographer she has garnered most of the attention.

"Without Sam there would be no book.

"Without me there would be no photos," Rachel said.

For the past year the book has consumed Sam's life outside of work.

He has spent 20 to 30 hours a week using his super-power to sort out the planning, logistics and communications to make the project happen.

"It sounds cliche.

"It's about these wonderful children, everyone loves it, so it's cool to give up your time to do it," he said.

Sam has also been guiding Rachel with her upcoming presentations including as keynote speaker at the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers and speaking at TEDx in Auckland.

But first they have the book party ahead of them on August 10.

So far 150 people have RSVP'd and they are expecting more.

Sam said the project has been extremely rewarding and honour the memory of his daughter.

"I'm proud to be Evie's father," he said.

Sam and Rachel would like to extend the invitation to the book party at Sopheeze to the whole community as they believe it has been a community project.

However, please remember to RSVP at

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