Music key to many hearts

02:43, Jul 16 2014
peggy watson
LOVE OF MUSIC: Peggy Watson loves playing music for anyone who will listen on her trusty piano.

Farewell dances during war time, wedding dances, boys returning from overseas, Peggy Watson played piano for them all.

Mrs Watson, who is on the shy side of 92, has been playing the piano since she was 12, and her earliest memories go back to the days of the Depression when her family decided to get her and her sister music lessons.

"My family decided we should learn music. My music teacher used to come out on a motorcycle which was most unusual at the time and my sister and I used to play duets.

"I was 17 when I played my first waltz."

And once again, Watson found herself playing the piano but this time at the Mountainview Village.

"I play the piano once a month and I still experience pure joy in playing to a crowd and getting them involved. I think its something in the elderly system that when we hear music, we want to dance.


"The piano will always bring people together in a sort of sing song."

Music is a huge part of her life and she has always played by ear.

"I am only a party player, not a performer. I have always played on a different key because I have very small hands. I believe music has a place in everyone's hearts."

Mrs Watson has kept a youthful outlook throughout her life and has no intentions of changing it anytime soon.

"I can't believe people will want to keep listening to me, but I am going to keep playing for as long as I can."

This is the first in a new series with reporter Sahiban Kanwal. She will be featuring people in the community who give their time and energy to a cause, no matter how big or small, but are seldom recognised for their efforts. If you know someone like this, then please email her at

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