Youth bus race aims to raise patronage

17:00, Jul 17 2014
BUS RACERS: Spotting answers to scavenger hunt questions are, Simone Bruce, left, Katie Jacobs, Ruby Hynes, Caitlin Dyball, Darian Walding and Zara McLellan.

Thirty-four high school pupils rode buses around Timaru for free as part of an Environment Canterbury holiday programme yesterday.

Seventeen teams of two pupils took buses among five different challenges around the city, hoping to claim part of a $350 prize pool. The Amazing Bus Race is in its second year, and this year's challenges included planting grasses on the South Beach dunes, drawing up a budget for a nutritious meal and sorting rubbish in the Botanical Gardens. On their way, competitors had to answer questions about bus route landmarks.

Craighead Diocesan School competitors Simone Bruce, 15, and Zara McLellan, 16, said they signed up for the race because "it sounded like fun and we want to support ECan because it's good for the environment".

Katie Jacobs, 17, and Darian Walding, 17, both of Mountainview High School said they were motivated to enter by a first prize of $100 each.

"We're trying to win money for our enterprise studies class at school," Walding said.

ECan youth engagement advisor Debbie Eddington said the race combined holiday activities with an attempt to raise awareness of the town's bus services.

"An ideal outcome for us is increased patronage," she said.

Emma Holland and Bridget Shimmin of Timaru Girls' High School won the race. Zara McLellan and Simone Bruce were second, and Deanna Richards and Sarah Orty came third.


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