Moving south a good choice

02:18, Jul 18 2014
trushar bagthariya
REALLY COOL: Manager Trushar Bagthariya, outside Timaru's newest dairy, is enjoying his move to Timaru.

Leaving Auckland for Timaru was a good choice for the managers of Timaru's newest dairy.

Trushar and Krishna Bagthariya have been running the Otipua Food Market for two months.

They say they have enjoyed the South Island's slower pace of life, friendly residents and cooler climate since they began managing the dairy for their cousins in Ashburton.

Krishna thought swapping her job at an Auckland McDonald's restaurant for the dairy meant a friendlier clientele and a more bearable work rate.

"Up north you don't get the time to talk."

Timaru's cooler climate reminded them of India's cooler Gujarat province. "It's really cold and we like it," she said.


Trushar said although the job was enjoyable, it took a lot of commitment, with a typical day starting at 6am and ending at 9pm. "It really depends on the people running it.

"You can't be lazy and run a dairy," he said.

The dairy faced a lot of competition from supermarkets, but Trushar believed the shop could compete by co-operating with their cousins' Ashburton branch.

"By buying in bulk we can run a better margin."

Building good personal relationships with customers was also an important part of staying competitive.

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