Gigs have Earthshield over the moon

01:28, Jul 18 2014

Earthshield will be helping to get the crowd rocking at the Devilskin concert tomorrow night.

The three-piece from Timaru will be opening for Devilskin at four of their We Rise South Island tour gigs.

Originally Earthshield were offered only one show, so to get four was a pretty big deal.

Singer and lead guitarist Evan Gillespie said they were stoked with the outcome.

"We've worked hard for the opportunity, playing gigs up and down the country."

The band will be playing the Timaru, Methven, Nelson and Blenheim shows and although the band is well known locally, the other gigs give them the chance to play to a wider audience.


Bass player Nigel Millington said they would put on one heck of a show.

He described the band's style as high-energy metal, but not in your face.

"We just like to play heavy metal ... I like the technical aspect of it. It is a challenge to play, trying to push yourself as a musician."

Earthshield will also be selling copies of its their EP at the show.

The Timaru Herald